Service Line-up


Pitch Deck Design


MVP Angel Club


Product Strategy Design


Product Delivery


Cross-Border HR Services

Review your business plan and design a perfect investor deck.

Get introductions and pitch to 30 angel investors within 3 months.

Product roadmap, UX designs, prototypes, and more.

Work side-by-side with our tech leads to deliver the product.

Headhunting, Payroll, Benefits, and more.

Service 1 - Pitch Deck Design


What we will do:

  • Review your business plan and generate perfect investor deck from it.

  • Ensure your pitch deck has solid content, financials, and beautiful infographics.

  • 8 workshops on startup fundraising fundamentals.

Expected outcome:

  • You will get a perfect pitch deck with line-by-line scripts of each page.

  • You will be ready to pitch in front of investors.

Sevice 2 - MVP Angel Club


What we will do:

  • Get 30 introductions and pitch to angel investors in 3 months.

  • Review sessions after every pitch to further sharpen your fundraising skills.


Expected outcome:

  • Find a lead investor and get your startup funded.

  • Establish a solid investor network and be in a great position for future fundraising.

Service 3 - Product Strategy Design


What we will do:

  • Our product managers will collaborate with you on product strategy & designs.

  • 8 workshops on the best practices of product management.

Expected outcome:

  • You will get “Product Strategy Document” which contains all information required to build great products: 

    • business vision, context, strategy, 

    • product vision, strategy, 

    • UX flowchart, wireframes, 

    • user story map, 

    • and a high-fidelity prototype.


Sevice 4 - Product Delivery


What we will do:

  • Our tech leads will start delivering the software following to the product strategy document.


Expected outcome:

  • You will get the product that can help achieve your business objectives.

  • Each major iteration is about 3 months. In most cases, you will get your MVP in 3 months.

Service 5 - Headhunting & HR Services

  • If your startup needs to scale up the team, we have our own all-star headhunter team and HR specialists.

  • We can help you build a top-tier team in Taiwan and manage all the HR complexity very quickly.